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The College of Humanities and Social Sciences of Asia University is comprised of three departments: The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures; the Department of Social Work; and the Department of Early Childhood Education. Professors have conducted research and have published on language teaching, applied linguistics, cultural studies, early childhood education, teacher development, social welfare, social care, cross-cultural communication, and multiculturalism.

Universitas Negeri Jakarta is a national university of education in Jakarta, which trains secondary teachers in Indonesia. The university is comprised of eight colleges including humanities and arts; social sciences; instructional technology; mathematics and natural sciences; engineering; sports; economics; and psychoeducation. AU and UNJ have cooperated in holding intensive Mandarin learning programs, Indonesia proficiency tests, and Indonesian teacher training workshops and share the same mission of providing high-quality education.

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Thu Dau Mot University was formerly known as Binh Duong Pedagogy College (1976-2009), a teacher training institution in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam. It was renamed Thu Dau Mot University when it attained general university status in 2009. The university is comprised of eight colleges, including social sciences and humanities; foreign languages; education; general knowledge; economics; management science; architecture; and cultural industries.

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